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S1 Sequences

Robert G.

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Does anybody have any S1 sequences for 16 channels? I can't open any S2 files.

How can I get S2 without buying anything? Last time I tried it gave me the demo and I couldn't control lights.

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Did you purchase your S1 software from LOR? If so, you should be eligible for a free upgrade to S2.

You can find S1 sequences at lorsequences.com

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Robert G. wrote:

I bought my stuff from LOR, can you tell me step by step how to get a fre S2 upgrade without the demo or anything..

There really isn't a separate 'demo' version. It's the same version, just that it operates in demo mode until you enter you license.


This is where you get the software.

However, I would FIRST go here:

And get your license. If this part fails, then downloading and installing S2 won't do you any good. Please keep in mind you will need to be connected to the Internet to license the software.
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Do you still use the same email address that you used when you purchased your software?

If yes, go to the software page and click on download. It will download the latest program.

Then click on retrieve license. Actually, you can do this first, it matters not.

LOR will email your license.

Install and launch the program. It will prompt you for your user ID and license info. Just cut and paste from the email.

If it's not the same email address, see the license faq on the same page.


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