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Hello from the UK!

I have a 16 channel show running at the moment using a CTB16PC unit (was going to be 32 but the weather hasn't allowed enough set up time) and the first night everything ran perfectly.

However last night two channels stayed on during the shows and wouldn't go off afterwards. Today its the same only with 7 channels!

Is there anything I can do? I've tried turning off the controller from the mains and back on again, that fixes it briefly until another show runs and then once again half the lights stay on.

I might finish off my second controller and use that instead for the time being if its a faulty controller.

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Start by doing a controller reset. Remove power, remove the jumper on the 2nd row of pins, apply power for a few seconds, remove power, put the jumper back.

Also, check that you do not have a minimum intensity configured.

On other factors, I'm not familiar with exactly how your power system compares. Are your two power leads 110V to ground, and out of phase with each other, or is one neutral at ground potential, and the other 220V relative?

If you have both leads at 110 to ground, you may be getting leakage from the unswitched leg to ground, causing the lights to light up...

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