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Jukebox for musical selections only?


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I'm trying to setup a show so that I can have my animation sequences playing (via the musical section) until somebody presses my trigger button.

I then put all my musical selections in an Jukebox interactive group so that they can be trigger one at a time round-robin.

The show start, the animations kick of... when the button is pressed the lights go off, and the 1st musical selection starts. But then while the musical selection is playing, the next event in the animation sequence continues to plays causing lights which should not be on during the song to turn on.

FYI, the reason for this is that I'm in an apartment complex and only want the show to go off when somebody wants to see it v.s. driving my neighbors crazy with it playing continuously.

Any ideas?


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Actually I just got it to work... I had to create a silent mp3 and convert my animation sequence to a musical sequence. This seem to do the trick.

However, if anyone knows of a better way let me know... but for now I think this will work.

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