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First year with LOR, First sequence from scratch


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This is my first year with using animated lights, of course I'm using LOR.

I wanted to do something different that I haven't seen or heard being used. It's only 28 channels, but come up with an accectable (cost an issue) use of the remaing 4 channels I have left.

The song is O Holy Night which is to a beat of a Cha Cha (Rumba). The quality of the video and sound isn't there, but at least it shows what I did manage to do on a first time from scratch sequence.



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Wow Looks great! Too bad everybody is zooming by and not enjoying your lights... Looks like a pretty busy road...

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Actually there was a car in front and 2 behind me. On the side where my place is, there is a red zone and no parking signs. So at least I don't have to worry about people blocking my driveway and parking right in front of the display.

By the way, thanks.

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