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A successfull first night.


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Tonight The Colony Christmas Spectacular went live for the season. Of course the first show happens as a part of a one night event in the park across the street. Kids do their holiday routines on stage, the Christmas parade goes by, eventually the Mayor gives a speech. About the time the Mayor starts talking, you pause Zara Radio, and enable LOR. Then you sit back and hope that the ELL's work correctly going about 1,000 feet across a street, between the stage, and the fire house, passing under two 500,000 volt power lines, and a low voltage distribution line. You barely get a chance to have seen that the show is enabled when you see the log that the Mayor pushed the button, and the show has started.

You step out the side door, and walk around to where you can see the show play for the first time. The whole time hoping that all the sequences that you and two other people have updated until nearly the last minute have all been copied over, and that the correct versions have all wound up in in the show, with none of the early versions with blank sections that you watched last night are still there...

It is such a relief to see things go all the way through, looking even better than expected. We even brought back the entire 2007 first year show with its 5 minutes of animation on 209 channels. It did look better, as the trees now have 27 channels of combined red, green, and blue, instead of just 9, so the twinkles look much more impressive, but it shows such a nice contrast to this year's 750 channels and all the features that we added in the last year that we could not help doing it.

I am actually planning to keep the version of the 2007 show that played tonight, and set it up alternating with a modernized version that adds in the new features from this year and last to the show. I wonder if anyone will notice.

But hats off to LOR for providing a product that makes this kind of show possible!

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Mountainwxman wrote:

I know that feeling when the 11th hour and 59th minute arrives. :D

Ain't that a fact...
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