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Creating a Musical Sequence

Robert G.

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I have a question about making my own musical sequence:

In some videos I see, people have a 'beat track' under their channels to show where the beats hit.

How do I get that if I import a song?

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The way I add a beat track is to create an extra channel, then use the beat wizard and assign the output to that track. I not sure there is a "easy" way to make a sequence. So much of it depends on your style, your yard layout, I have even found that I sequence some colors differently.

I sometimes use the tapper wizard to time specific parts of a song. For example; if you want some your lights to respond to a French Horn, then tap when the horn plays. You can specify what channel you want the output in with the tapper wizard also.

The software has so many features that I learn something new all the time. I bet I learn a new technique reading the responses to your post :)


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This was my first year with LOR and I am still getting use to the beat and Tap Wizards. Some sequencesi got form other people and adjusted them to my display and some I programmed from scratch.

What I found easiest for me was to set my play mode to only play the visible portion of the song and I would just visualize what I wanted the show to do and starts pluggin in assignments for each channel. I did this only for my first 32 channels which covers my house and trees in the yard.

Once I finished out the song I went back to the beginning of the sequence and started over but now programming my last 16 channels which controls my mega tree.

Hopefull next year I will get the hang of the wizards a little better

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