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Desperate- LOR controller not working


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Pardon me for not searching forums first but very desperate ---

One of my 10 controllers is not funtioning

I plug it in - flashing read light

run hardware - find the controller on network, solid red light

however i am not able to turn the lights on, i plug the lights in a normal outlet and they work.

I am refreshing the network in the hardware utility each time i am plugging lights into controller.

Any ideas??

This was all working a few nights ago before rain started poping all my GFI's, figured this was just a water issue however now that i have disconnected everything and troubleshooting from the box out, it seems as though the pigs on the box are not getting any power, despite power (led light) on the board itself.

Off to searh forums now, thanks in advance for any assistance, i am sure i am just panicing and its something stupid im not doing...

FYI - controller is a 1602W (green board), also i have 9 other controllers all functioning fine, so dont think its a software/firmware issue.


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