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Installer Problem: Error reading setup initialization file


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If you get a message saying "error reading setup initialization file" while you are trying to run the installer, probably something went wrong with your download, and you didn't actually get the full installer.

Try downloading the installer again. If you are prompted to "Run from here" or "Save to disk", save to disk. Wait for the download to complete, and after it has completed, run the newly downloaded copy of the installer.

If you get the same problem, check the file size of the file, and compare it to the size that is listed on the software download page. Keep trying to download until you get the full installer.

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  • 2 years later...

tried reloading several times, now when i try to open lor i get a box with:

please wait while windows configures lor

gathering required information.

after a while it goes to directx set-up licence agreement.

you agree and it goes into the loop over and over till i reset the conputer.


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  • 5 months later...

Have installed 3.7.0 on my pc, but still have 3.4 on my laptop. When trying to download 3.7.0 to laptop, rec'd error notice as stated above "error reading setup initialization file".

Tried 4 times with same result. Checked file size of downloads, all just have partial downloads. Is there anything else to do but keep trying?

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