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If you need the one with the girls singing (Live concert version), you might try this.. Go to YouTube, do a search for TSOVids user (their official YT acct), then use YouTube Downloader to grab the .flv video, and save it as an .mp3 file. I've grabbed several of their videos for my iPod..

Like this one:

Regis & Kelly appearance:

YouTube Downloader: http://youtubedownload.altervista.org/
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Harbs wrote:

Thanks, I have the song, was looking for a sequence.


I have one but it might not be to your liking. My display is compact and the 5 arches I have are situated in such a way that they sit in front of and between the two mini mega trees which are about 4ft off the ground.

You can see it in this picture.

I can send it if you what to at least see it. Just PM me your email addy if interested.

Attached files 192084=10768-house 005.JPG
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