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Frustrating!..How do you folks do it!?

David Barnett

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Howdy, part of this is to vent; and part is to gain knowledge.:)

Ok, I'm editing a sequence from last year, to my new 2009 show. ( This is an addition, the main show is ready; just want to add this song if time permits.)

OK, I just spent an hour copy pasting sections of my old sequnce, when it should be possible to do in less time!

By that I mean, how about a "selective copy" edit mode. Similiar, to when you use file explorer; hold down the control key and select non contiguous files.

Whe're on version 4.x and nothing like this exists. So, I ask all you experts; what do you do.

Do you just sit there and say" This is gonna suck to edit" then get after the task at hand?

In my case for example: I have a section of guitar music I needed to move to another area I added this year. Well I have areas i want to reperesent Low notes Mid and HI.

I have it all mapped out on how I want to accomplish this. However, with the edit tools, what a PIA!

How EZ it would be to go down the entire song selctive copying the sections I need and paste to the new section. But no, in this case, I have to scroll down to the bottom, count my selection, the select the part I want; finaly move up to the point I want to paste.

Keyboard shortcuts help some, but still a PIA to do this one at a time. It's all different timing wise, no set pattern.:X So, I have to do it this way.

Again, being that we are on version 4.x; have any of you experts ever wanted a feature such as this; or do you have some magic way of doing things to make it more user friendly.

Another thing that is frustrating me.....when you use the keyboard to hi lite selection, hit Control C; then you want to hit the left arrow to close the selction box to the beginning of the section.

But NO!!!...the "d" thing shuts itself to the right. At the END of your selction! :X

Is there some config file or something I can adjust that will close the selction box back to the beginning of my selection instead. How beneficial is the selection box closing at the end, then you have to move it back to the begining.

OK, I have vented, time to work on the middle not section now.

Still, would love to hear from you guys that have these ginormous layouts.

Any tips and tricks appreciated.



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You are right. I wish there was standard "control" select ability. Also...

A real benefit to those modifying sequences to a reduced number of channels would be the addition of "ADD" (and less so "Subtract") Pasting. You have two channels... or even ten... all flashing at different times and want to consolidate them to one or two channels quickly and easily without overwriting. If this were audio we'd be talking about a mix paste. I hope you know what I mean. Maybe a beta tester could pass these along?

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Hi Guys. Thanks for the insight. But, for what I'm trying to accomplish(finished thank goodness) these methods won't accomplish my goal.

Creating a New track, and copying that section to the new track, would have just put the sequnce area closer to were I doing my copy/paste.

Again, this partcular part(Acoustic Guitar, Jewel "O Holy NIght") Had the guitar part done. However with the new layout, it would not work in my sequence.

I have a layout now, where in the new layout, a tree with 8 sections of red/green will be the guitar strings plucked.

In that layout, I had 3 sets of sections to move representing LOw,Middle and High on the tree. But, due to the old layout, I couldn't jsut copy and paste the sections.

So again, my point was, it would have been a heck of a lot easier, if I could have gone through my sections, "multiple selcted say ALL my Green Low stuff, copy/pasted that to the Low Green Tree Section; then Red Low and so on.

So, much easier and quicker. I was just frustrated last night, because I felt something like this would have been a feature that everybody would want/use.

Being that we are on version 4.x; it's not in the program, it must have not been that big of a deal or priority to you folks that have been sequncing for a while. Or I felt you would have possibly pressed to have it including at some point prior to version 4.x

As mentioned, at that point; just needed to vent.:)

Due to a work related back injusry I sustained a few years ago, 2 surgies..etc...I can't sit in front of a computer for a long time, so I try and get things done as quickly as possible. Hence my desire for a "multiple selection" copy/paste...if it's even possible to do.

Or at the very least, could we at least fix the selection box to return to the FIRST cell instead of the END of the selction.

At least, when using the keyboard last night for most everything, I wouldn't have to switch back and forth from KB to mouse to reselect the beginning of my selection again. Unless, you guys know of a way to change that behaviour. That was frustrating to me as well, and didn't make too musch sense to me.

This is the first seq. I had to do this way, so that is whay I noticed. The other were simply copy/paste, delete what I didn't need.

Yes, I have sent this to the wishliist thingy. Hopefully Bob etal, will see this and see the benefit this feature could do for us.

Gotta go fly my trip. 19hrs in KOMA(Omaha) Yippee:D

At least I should get finished with this one.

Sorry, for the long rant. Just wanted to try and clarify, why your particular suggestion wouldn't work in this case. Thank You.



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