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fm transmitter

eric dominguez

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The Whole House transmtter is kinda weak. Remember line of site, make sure the antenna is as high as possible and preferrably near an exterior wall or window. Also supposedly adding about 110 inches (depending on frequency u are using) of wire helps a lot. I attached an antenna from a stereoreceiver to mine and it worked out ok. Other than that look into a Ramsey or other more powerful transmitter.

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Also, another good transmitter is Performance Teknique ICBM-136 Digital FM Modulator.

Here's a little info about it from sonicelectronix.com :

  • PLL FM Transmitter
  • Wireless 40 Chan. FM Transmitter
  • 40 Frequency Settings on Up / Down Buttons
  • LED Display for Viewing Channels
  • Shielded Housing for Noise Rejection
  • Easy Installation
  • 2-year Authorized Manufacturer's warranty

FM Modulator / Transmitter Specifications

FM Modulator Type
FM Transmitter

Number of Frequency Channels
Tunable to any Frequency

Input Connection Type
RCA Stereo Composite Cables

Power Source
Integrated 12V DC

Made for iPod

Review Summary

1 person rated the Performance Teknique ICBM-136 Digital FM Modulator and gave it a rating of 5 out of 5
Have you used this product? Click here to review it!

August 16, 2009
Great FM Modulator, Performs in all tempertures







Review written by Carrollights from Wheeling, WV
I purchased this unit 2 years ago, I use it to broadcast my Holiday Light display this will be my 3rd year using this unit. It has clean audio quality and with PLL you can mount this unit outside (in a weather proof case) the transmitter will stay locked on the frequency you select. and mounting this unit outside gets maximum signal for a .2 watt FM modulator (FCC Legal)

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I still highly recommend this unit, and for $34.99 and cheaper if you look for a better price, I did find one at millionbuy.com for $25.95

Mine is mounted outside in a LOR PC enclosure case with my CCR controller
and it covers 1 block solid signal and 2 blocks sporadic

And one thing to remember is sound quality, I use the Breakaway Live processor It has low latency so its real time, very little delay so the audio is still synched with your lights, and it is very easy to setup and use and all your audio from all your sequences will have the same loudness. I am thinking of doing another post just on sound processing

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