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Help need to find song from Grinch soundtrack


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I am desperately need to get hold of the song “Christmas Why Can’t I Find You” from the Grinch sound track , for one of my displays .

The display is for my wife in memory of our daughter

I tried to download it from Amazon, but being in Canada they will not let me, any idea where I may be able to down load it from

Thanks Araz

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Do you mean Faith Hill's Where Are You Christmas? If thats the one you're looking for, PM me your email and I'll see if I can send it

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Try this


Watch the right column as you scroll down. Towards the bottom you will see "Where are you Christmas? It's misstiltled as the artist is Taylor Momson who played Cindi Lou Who in the movie and sings the song. It IS actually Christmas Why Can't I find You? I believe both the sequence and music are there when you download. I have the track at home but it's on my laptop which is running my show and we disconnected it from the internet for the season.


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