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Can't install 2.6.0


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The following post was asked by John Hertig; I'm just moving it here, to a more appropriate forum:


I have 2.0.16 installed. I downloaded 2.6.0 and attempted to install. The wizard gives the options of 'Modify', 'Repair' or 'Remove'. I tried both modify and repair, both seemed to work (no errors), but they were very quick and did not ask for much, if any, input. And any attempt to start LOR gets '2.0.16 is currently DISABLED'. What should I do?


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Hmm... perhaps try uninstalling your old copy of LOR first?

Make sure that all of your LOR programs are closed, including the LOR Control Panel (you can unload it by right-clicking on it and selecting "Unload Light-O-Rama").

After you uninstall, I would reboot just to be sure, and then try installing the new version.

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