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Very confused about new licensing

jim st john

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OK, I started using LOR in 2006. There was some type of starter kit that included the vers 1 software and the interface I believe. I upgraded to vers 2 in December of 2008, a free download I believe. Now I understand that to get the current version I need a license key. What I'm not clear on is if I get that for free, since I started out with version 1.something, or do I have to purchase it?

I sent in my email address with a retrieve key request, but it came back as no key for this email address.

I haven't been to the LOR site in about a year so I guess I have some catching up to do.

When I tried running my LOR software today everything seems to work except the sequence editor won't run. No error message, just won't run.


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you have to use the email address that you used when you first purchased your software. If you no longer use that email address then a call to LOR or an email to support@lightorama.com should work to clear up the email issue.

Then you can go to the LOR store and select software. On that page there are 2 tabs that you will use. Retrieve license and download software.

When S2 was released it was stated that the version would have an expiration until such time as they release the full "production" software. That release was in June of 2009. There is no longer expiration, but you do have to license.


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