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expected an attribute name


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I went to open up my sequences from last year and one of them is comming up with this error loading sequence, expected an attribute name.

What the heck is going on.

Only thing that has changed from last year and this year is the version of lightorama software.

Please Help!!!!!

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Your sequence files are getting corrupted somehow. An attribute name is part of the xml document. The word before the = is the attribute name. In this clip saveFileVersion & createdAt are attribute names with the attribute value in quotes after the equal.

All my files opened with no problem after the upgrade.

Since last year did you open the files in another program besides SE? Maybe doing a sweep or mass change of some kind? Maybe a media file name has a tick( apostrophe) in it which can confuse things.

If you have another one with the problem, rename it instead of deleting and send it to LOR or I will look at it to see what got messed up. That might give a clue to what caused it.

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