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Conceptual Issue - Beat/Tapper Wizard with Fixed TIming Grid


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I am still a bit confused, I have been playing with the software learning how it works and the details. I understand the concept of the timing grid and the beat/tap wizard. To me each are a valuable tool to establish exact light timings. That being said, why does the wizards both give you the option for a "fixed" timing grid.

I guess I don't understand the purpose of going in and defining the beat to use in sequencing only to set the timing at a fixed interval. For a fixed timing grid what ist he software doing duirng each of these wizards? I would think that a "freeform" is the best output for either of these wizard.

Interested to hear your responses


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These wizards are capable of inserting timings, lighting effects, or both. If you don't ask them to insert timings, there's no reason why you would have to use a freeform timing grid.

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