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Just putting some finishing touches on the web site for the season and decided to add a link to download the sequence from the song page. Most of these sequences came from lorsequences.com or were shared by various people and tweaked to work with my display.

I know its a bit late to be doing sequencing but if you were like me and put things off to the very end maybe something there will help you out. The sequences are for 240 channels. Just right click and save as to download. Thanks again for everyone who has shared with me.

Almost forgot, the web site is http://www.bradleylights.com

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I can't seem to get these to download. Any chance you could email patricknew@gmail.com the following?

Christmas Don't be Late
Charlie Brown - Hark the Herald
Sleigh Ride
All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth
I want a Hippo for Christmas.


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We were experiencing some internet troubles at work on Friday, I had hoped they were fixed by now, apperently the IT guys did not get it resolved yet. My web site is hosted there so apperently it is being effected also, trust me it normally loads alot faster then this, hopefully all will be well sometime tommorow.

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That bug got me to. I swore it was on my monitor lol.... how stupid am I.

I wonder how many L-O-R channels it's using??? or is it connected to a CCR

Very cool I love it.


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