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Error Saving File


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Using 2.6.0 Advanced on Win98 SE
When I try to save a sequence , I get an error
Detail: ActiveX component can't create object.

Any help is appreciated!

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Good morning

I had the exact same problem

several areas on here to read -- search error saving

here is my post


Never got it resolved -- reloaded os twice no change

I had a full xp load available - went that route

windows said could not upgrade from 98se to xp but

gave a choice to continue -- I basically had a brick anyway so I did it

Now I have a slow laptop that works well with LOR and gives me access

to memory sticks and usb drives that would not work with 98se

Bob from LOR was fantastic with his continual help but in my case

we just could not get it resolved

Frank A.:)

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I can save on Windows 98 SE, so it's not an overall problem with running LOR on that particular OS.

It seems like something that LOR needs to use is not installed. Possibly a piece of LOR itself, but more likely some Windows component.

What happens if you close all of your running programs, especially LOR programs, including the LOR Control Panel (the light bulb icon in your computer's system tray), then uninstall LOR, reboot, and then reinstall?

To be clear, when you reinstall, you do not need to install any older version of LOR first, and in fact I suggest that you do not do so. Just run the installer for LOR 2.6.0.

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I am on a supply run, and will try that when I get back.

This may be a non-issue, as long as I can edit, save, and transfer from my laptop, and leave this old PC running the show.

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