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EDM LCD Transmitter User Manual

Richard Hamilton

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Gee, I must be the dumbest user on earth or EDM is making a big wrong assumption.

Ok, so I got the EDM transmitter in the mail today. It was on-time as promised. It looks nice and sturdy, and I hope it is because it came in a unpadded simple box.

My biggest confusion: Where is the user manual? There was not one in the box and no paperwork whatsoever. I'm wondering if all of the parts are included since I see no way to set the frequency. I only see holes where the buttons are supposed to be. I would at least expect a sheet of paper to tell me where to find it on the internet. I'm not going to open it until hopefully someone post their experience about assembling it.

Obviously I will need to open it to insert the 2 chips and solder on the AC connector, yet I'd expect some instruction on that. I searched their hoaky site, but of course I can't find anything related to a guide. Surely one of you folks have gone through this process. If a guide is out there on the internet, I sure would appreciate a link to it before I start.

Sorry if this sounds a bit sarcastic. I was hoping for something a bit more professional in terms of communication on putting this together, or seeing some documentation in the box.

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bisquit476 wrote:

Richard, I don't remember where I got this, but hope it helps,

Ah! exactly what we needed. I think I could have done the job without it, but didn't want to take any changes. And no, I did not get a download link from the order. I looked at those emails. If it was posted on here somewhere, then I missed seeing it, and it didn't show up during a search.

I understood when I bought it that I would not receive any manual, yet I think it would have been very helpful for EDM to at least put a slip of paper in the box with a URL to this information.

The unit is assembled and seems to work well although I have not been able to get out to test the range or ensure that the RDS actually works. MiniRDS does seem to communicate with the transmitter, then give it up to my relative (who bought it).

It's a nicely built, compact unit. Now, he just needs to hit radio shack to see if there is an adapter for his antenna.

Much thanks Bill & Surfing4Dough for the post.
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