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Weird audio problem


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LOR 2.60
Computer Vista 32 bit.
Audio format wav.

I was updating a sequence last night with no problems. Today, I pick up were I left off. Opened sequence, hit play button to lovingly admire my work from yesterday. All buttons gray out except STOP. Computer freezes. Can't even get task manager to work. Power off then back on, try again. Same thing. Power off/on try another sequence, plays with no problem. Launch media player, try to play audio file, computer freezes.

Somehow my audio file must have got corrupted. Not sure if it was LOR or a Gate's goof.

I was able to load the file in audacity (raw import) and re-save. It now works.

Anyone have any idea what could have caused this?

For anyone else with a similar problem, as been stated many times by many people, if you have song issue, scrub it through audicity.

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I just want to make sure I understand: You tried it directly in Windows Media Player, outside of LOR, and the same thing happened?

Also, do you still have a copy of it in its corrupt state?

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