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Sequence Editor won't start up


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If you haven't used LOR in a while, and the Sequence Editor won't start up at all when you click on it, you may be using a time-limited pre-release version of LOR 2.

All versions of LOR 2 earlier than version 2.3.4 were time-limited pre-releases, and will not work anymore. Version 2.3.4 was released on June 16, 2009, so if you haven't used LOR since before that time, chances are this is the cause of the problem you're having.

To solve this problem, download and install the latest version of LOR 2 from the software download page:


You will need a license to fully use this software (otherwise, it will be in "Demo" mode); everyone who purchased a copy of LOR 1 has been issued a free license of the highest feature level ("Advanced"). You can retrieve your license using the following web page:


Versions 2.3.4 and later are not time-limited; they will continue to work in the future.

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