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Bubba in NV

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I have 12 strobe lights that I have just received, they use the C9 screw base receptical and should be mounted upright. I want to put these in a cluster on my roof. I sure could use some ideas on how to put them there. I live in a high wind area and normally no one here roof mounts anything. But these are only about 4 inches in length. We do not get much snow here and it doesent stay long, also no rain.

Any pics or tutorial advice or anything would be appreciated.


Bubba Pate
Tonopah Nevada

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Bubba in NV wrote:

and should be mounted upright.

They don't have to be mounted upright, but to keep the shell from filling with water due to condensation or leakage, you should drill a hole in the part that faces down.

I have a bunch of strobes hanging in a tree, so I drilled two holes through the plastic case in the part on the other side from the base, so that the holes will be on the bottom when they hang.

In your case, you could let them lay flat on the roof, with the plastic transparent case pointed in a slant downwards. Then find the lowest point on each strobe and drill a drainage hole there.
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Cool, thought about that, I have them laying down affixed to guy wires I strung accross the roof. I doubt if we will get any moisture any time soon... We got less than our normal 1/2 inch of rain this summer....

I was thinking about making a flat base to slip them into so they are upright from shaved 1X4 and then attach it to the guy wires to keep them there. I dont think they would blow over.

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