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Trouble adding voice overs


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I have some mp3 voice overs coming from a friend and sat down today to figure out how to incorporate them into my show. I must be missing something because everyone else has this figured out but....

I went to the Show Editor and then to the Musical tab. The only files it will let me put in are sequence files. When I go to the Audio folder to add my voice over it doesn't show it being there. I clicked on the Files of Type drop down list and it lists "all sequences", "musical sequences", and "animation sequences". No option for all files or anything else is listed. Am I missing something? I am using Show Editor version 2.4.1

Thanks for the help.


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you can only add sequences to the show editor. Either animation or musical sequences. You can make a musical sequence with your voiceovers. There is nothing saying you have to control lights in that sequence.


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