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this is my second year doing a show...after I set everything up and went to test the lights..I was listening to everything through my car radio..well the music came across very distorted...the bass was way to much causing the speakers to rattle...tried using the mixer on my computer but am having no luck...any ideas on how to adjust the sounds so I get a more clear product?

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See this thread on this board. It talks about bass issues. I found it by searching "bass". I've learned that almost every probably is something that someone else has seen and there is usually an answer somewhere. :)


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Do you have the same transmitter from last year or is it a new one?

Is it set up the same way as last year?

Did you have any issues with your set up last year?

What kind of transmitter do you have?

Does it sound distorted on another stereo or radio in your home?

Too much input volume or gain adjusted too high will distort sound quality badly.

Like mentioned previously, start with a low input volume from the computer volume settings. Then slowly turn it up and find a range of quality sound. Somewhere in between should work, if this is your issue.

Hopefully this is the issue.

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