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Ripping from CDs to 128Kbps MPS files

Theresa Severson

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This is my first year using LOR (was an Animated Lighting user) and, of course, I never think small. I thought my Christmas display was all ready to go and downloaded sequences to SD card but first song plays over and over and no other songs play. My nephew originally helped me download my music and according to him it's right but when I watched him I do not recall seeing any thing resembling coverting to 128 Kbps so I figured I got the music on a CD, I'll just rip it using LORs directions.

The website LOR sends me to www.musicmatch.com sends me to yahoomusic and I could not find anything that said 'GET IT NOW!' - 'Get Free JukeBox' - DOWNLOAD JUKEBOX. So then I tried typing it in their 'search' box and that got me nowhere. Then I googled 'MusicMatch JukeBox' and got hundreds of thousands of matches, started looking, but don't know if they are good websites or not or even if that is what I am looking for.

Could someone give me some easy (and I mean really easy) directions on how to rip my music from a CD to 128 Kbps MP3 file that is current, and I don't mind repeating myself, really easy to use.

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Windows Media Player will rip your cd's.

Launch Windows Media Player
Load CD
Select Rip, format, MP3

My personal preference is audiograbber. A very robust and easy to use ripper that is highly customizable.

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