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Pulling power info / Monitoring from LOR controller


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This could be part of the "alarm" request thread, but it sounds like most of those folks are interested in missing controllers, not missing lights.

Something to think about -

My experience before LOR was in the theatre with a lot of ETC brand dimming and control. ETC dimming racks (and several others) have a neat little feature that could be quite help full to some in the LOR world in alerting to shorts, blown lights, or stolen lights.

I strongly suspect it would make the controller a bit more costly....

On the Dimming rack, voltage & current sensors are added to each channel. during cprograming, a base line is taken by software telling the rack to open every Chanel to 100%, and then record values for voltage and current draw. (current draw being the main factor) After the base line, the rack continually relays this information back to the console. If the console logs a sudden drop or spike in current draw, a warning is displayed on screen referencing the Chanel.

It seems to me that many dont load there channels that high, so I doubt you could detect a single bulb failing, but probably could pick up a change if a whole strand went out, or if someone tried to disconnect and steal an arch, or some other large light fixture.

It may be cost prohibitive to monitor every Chanel, but probably worth it to get amp/volts per controller, maybe a temperature sensor as well.

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