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Does anyone know of any good guides about making a Mega-tree? I've never had one, but I'm thinking of making one this year. The supplies would all need to be purchasable at Home Depot/ Lowes, etc because of the lack of time. Just post some links if available.


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You can easily make a mega tree from HD/Lowes in a couple of hours.

I made my 12' with 2" PVC, 1/2" plastic conduit for the bottom. 3 eyebolts, 3 large inflatable ground screws, and small diameter cable for guy wire. Last year I just zip tied S hooks to attach 100 count strings folded in half to the tops and zip tied to the bottom. For the base of the tree I used an old plastic Christmas tree stand.

My tree was 8 slices of 2 colors with 2 strands to a slice. It was just a tad on the thin side. This year I added a 4 into 2 reducer to the top to give me room to add more lights and a star.

This is simple and inexpensive. PC has a whole section dedicated to Mega Tree construction. Including photos, calculators, and step by step how to's.

Check it out: http://talk.planetchristmas.com/forumdisplay.php?f=172

And welcome to LOR!

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