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Looking for some TSO Sequences, I have 9 done for my 16 channel display...(yes I am a newbie this year)...I am having a TSO hour on Saturday nights and need a few more to fill the hour.

I am working on some more to add (especially working hard on nutrocker), but I really would appreciate any that you would like to share that I may not have to round out the hour.


P.S. Have the following TSO done.

Mad Russian
Christmas Cannon
Wish Liszt
Christmas Eve (sarajevo)
Queen of the Night
Siberian Sleigh Ride
Wizards of Winter
Ghost of Christmas Eve
Ano Domine

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I am in the process of sequencing an edited version of "Moonlight And Madness" off the just released "Night Castle" album. send me a PM if you are interested in a copy.

I think I still have a sequence of "Music box" off of "The Christmas Attic" sequenced as well.

If you want more TSO sequences, visit "lorsequences.com"

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Saw your posting, I am new to this too..don't really know how to program yet. I have 16 channel as well. Would you be willing to share yours? Hopefully, I will learn more about programming the sequences so that I can share as well..




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I am a newbie and looking for 16 channel sequences for free to download. I cannot for some reason download anything from this link. It says I dont have a program to download from. Any ideas on how I can get sequences from others?

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Hello, I am interested in your new TSO sequences (moonlight and madness & music box). That would be great. I am also looking for one for the song Tracers. I started my own but not sure if I can finish it. Thank you in advance!


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