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Hi All.

I'm sure this as been asked before. I have a sequence done and saved with a timing grid of 0.05 on all channels, however I would like my leaping arch channels changed to 0.10, what the easy way. Sorry to be a pain I know everybody are busy now that that panic as set in.

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If you are using a fixed grid, you can create a second fixed grid with the other timing, and just select which grid is active from the drop down.

You could also select to make a new freeform grid from the existing fixed grid. Then you would be able to add or remove timings from the free form grid in the areas you want.

If you put the arches in a second track, you can keep one timing grid selected in the main track, and a different grid in the track for arches.

I actually recommend making a new timing grid for the arches, then deleting all the timing marks in the range where you want the arch to jump. Then right click and select subdivide timings on that time range, and subdivide by the number of elements in your arch. You are now set to make a really smooth motion in sync with your music.

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