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Finally! Got the Halloween 2009 Show Videos Done!

David Barnett

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Hey folks, title say it all.

This is my first try at doing videos. They don't suck, but they aren't great either.

I forgot to take off auto focus, so as it got darker, had some problems. I think you can still see most everything OK.

This isn't my whole Halloween setup. Just wanted to record the show.

Before uploading, what are you folks using this year for vids. Don't want youtube to shut mine down, so is vimeo or something else better.

look forward to hearing your thoughts. When I get some good info, I'll post them and give titles and links here.

Thanks again.


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Well, I took the plunge. They are uploading on Vimeo as we speak.

Search on My 2009 Halloween Vids. Tried to keep things fairly generic, so hopefully they don't get too much attention.:P

when thye get posted, I'll try and post direct links as well. Hope you like them.



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Ok, gottem loaded on vimeo. Here are the direct links, I hope. :)

#1 Toccatta in D TSO http://vimeo.com/7479930

#2 Adams Family http://vimeo.com/7480010

#3 Ghostbusters http://vimeo.com/7480025

#4 Monster Mash http://vimeo.com/7480062

#5 Munsters Theme http://vimeo.com/7480078

#6 Thriller http://vimeo.com/7480089

#7 O Fortuna TSO Style! :Phttp://vimeo.com/7480124

#8 Tubular Bells http://vimeo.com/7480135

As always, love to hear comments,suggestions,ideas.



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Hey Barron. I used my old Sony TVR-33. I've had it for a few years.

Thank YOu for the compliment. I know I'll get better as the years go. Saw your production, pretty awesome in of itself.

Christmas Time now. ;)



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