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My Halloween Light Show!


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Hi guys, one of my first posts here, definitely won't be my last though.

This year is my second year programming lights, and I've learned a LOT from my first year. I've actually been reading through the forums for a while on tips and suggestions.

This year's show is 32 channels, and I used all of them. I was actually kinda sad that I didn't have 1 more available to get my fog machine hooked up to LOR, but that's for my show next year!
Here are two of the six songs I programmed this year:

"Halloween Theme Song" (be sure to watch the whole thing, I did a slight twist in the middle)

"This is Halloween"

I would love any comments or suggestions!

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Wow, that was fantastic. I am looking for ways to integrate the 48 channels I have into more of a show that using it to just light my props. Your video really helps with ideas on how I can do a better job.


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Looks Great. Love the effect on the Reaper heads... I was saddened when I had Fog Machine Failure this year. :( Oh well just have a get a new one for next year!


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Thanks everyone! The reaper heads were actually a custom prop that I made, I took some "gravebusters' from Walgreens and took off their heads, and put on some light up heads I bought a year ago from a Halloween store, I think they look a lot better than just light up heads sitting on stakes.

I also added two more songs on YouTube you can view them here:

Addam's Family Theme Song:

Twilight Zone Theme Song:

(Here is 2008 to compare the two:

Thanks again for the feedback!
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