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minor bug report


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Somewhere between last year and this year I noticed 2 changes in behavior with S2.

The first, while playing a sequence with the animation window open, if you press the stop button on the animation window the timing mark returns to the beginning of the sequence. However, if you press the stop button on the sequencing window the timing mark stops where it is. This is annoying when you are trying to weed out errors and timing issues and you are looking at the animation, if you hit the stop button you lose your place in the sequence.

Secondly, with the animation window again. While drawing or editing the animation, you used to be able to highlight the channel name in the drop down list and then scroll thru the channels with a wheel mouse. This was useful in the draw mode to see where the channels were and how they related to each other. Now the first turn of the scroll wheel moves the list to the next item and then the focus shifts back to the sequencing window.

Not sure when this popped up but its been happening since at least 2.4.8 (I think). I am currently using 2.5.6. I just dug my show computer out of the closet, which is running 2.1.6 (with the calender set back) and it doesnt have these issues. However, if I play a new sequence on the old computer all the timing grids disappear but I understand that is a version compatibility issue.

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Workaround for the problem scrolling in the channel list in the Animator:

Instead of clicking on the channel's name, click on the down arrow to the right of it. This will open a dropdown list of channels, which you can then scroll through with the mouse wheel.

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