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Delay playing sequences in 2.5.4

Bret LeFevre

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Ok, I need some help. All my sequences were working fine when I would play them either from the start or using from selection using the space bar to start and stop them. The would start instantly.
I upgraded to version 2.5.4 and now all of them, regardless how I play them, look like they start but then they sit there for 3 to 5 seconds, and then they play. If I stop them using the stop button or the space bar, they stop fine. Then when I try to restart them, all looks like the sequence starts but nothing for 3 to 5 seconds then it plays.
They were fine in the last version but in 2.5.4, they are now delayed.
Anyone have any ideas?
Help please.

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I've been seeing the same thing, though I've thought it was related to not having rebooted this PC for a couple of weeks, and getting low on resources. I may have to give up and reboot soon.

Have you rebooted since you started seeing this?

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ok, I installed that Microsoft cleanup program, ran it, deleted LOR and rebooted my computer. I then ran the 2.5.2 file and it loaded fine. I have Advanced again. I loaded up a sequence and it starts fine. I even hit the space bar and started and stopped it fine. No delay.

I think I'll stick with 2.5.2.

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