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Lagging with MP3 Card


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Is there anything else I can try before messing with the Skew in LOR V. 2.3.4 ?

What I am seeing is the lights react after a certain event in the music. A lag.

I have updated all the light controlelrs, my DC card, and MP3 card to latest firmware availible on the site.

I have ran all my music through Audacity and saved it as a constant bit rate.

If I run my show off the PC there is no lag at all. Just when I use the MP3 card.

I've unchecked and checked the the lock step option as well. Makes no difference.

I've reformatted the SD card and have also used a differnt one. No difference.

I'm glad the skew is there but can spend a lot of time trying to get the timing right.

I know I had this problem last year but I can not remember what it was that corrected the problem plus I was also using the earlier version of LOR.

One question though, do the MP3s have to be at 128 or can they have a higher or lower bit rate?


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I have 2 possibilities from my own experience.

1. Try changing the communication speed.

2. If you haven't done so, do not use the controller to power the director card, use a separate power supply (this was my issue).

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Just a quick update.

I tried the above suggestions. No change.

I was going to try and skew the tracks but that wasn't helpful either since at the time I could not skew a fixed grid.

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