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Delete Slected Timinings

Frank Rossi

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I have been using Delete Selected Timing on several sequences with no problems. On one sequence for some reason it is grayed out. In fact everything below copy timing is grayed out along with Paste and Paste multi. Using the mouse and hulding the left button as it is dragged across timing marks you should get the option to delete selected timings. But now it is grayed out???

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If you're using version 2.3.4 or later (which I think you probably are), then yes, it's probably because you have a fixed timing grid. Switch to a freeform timing grid, and you'll be able to delete timings (and add them, and move them).

For details on timing grids, please refer to the following page in the help file: "Light-O-Rama Concepts" / "Sequences" / "Timings".

Basically, though, the idea is this:

In earlier versions of LOR, a track could only have one set of timings. So, if you wanted timings representing the beat of a song, and more timings representing the lead vocals, and still more timings every tenth of a second, you had two choices:

(1) Just add all those timings in. This could get messy, since it would be easy to confuse which timings are for which purpose.

(2) You could create multiple tracks, one for each set of timings. This worked fine, but it's a bit of overkill - sequences with more than one track can get pretty complicated.

In version 2.3.4, we introduced "timing grids". A timing grid is just a set of timings. The difference is that now you can choose which of your timing grids is displayed at any given time, on any given track.

So, instead of jumbling them all together, or making a bunch of tracks, you can create different timing grids (one for the beat, one for the lead vocals, one every tenth of a second, etc.), and quickly switch back and forth between which one is displayed (using a dropdown list).

There are two types of timing grids: "fixed" and "freeform". "Freeform" are what you're used to from earlier versions of LOR: you can add a timing wherever you want, delete a timing, move a timing.

"Fixed" timing grids, on the other hand, are new. They're just a set of equally spaced timings -- for example one timing every tenth of a second, or every half a second, or every second -- and those timings are fixed in place. You can't add to them, delete from them, or move them.

So, you probably have a fixed timing grid, and if you want to delete timings, you'll have to use a freeform timing grid instead. You can create a brand new one that's empty, or you can duplicate your current fixed timing grid to a new freeform grid (which will start off with all the same timings, but which you can move or delete or add to).

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