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Error Saving File Message

Norm Ivey

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I copied my software from one computer to another (write sequences on one; play on another). This has worked fine in the past. When I try to save on the second computer I get this error message:

Error saving file...do you want to try to save to another name?

Detail: Automation error

The specified module could not be found.

I have already tried updating the software from LOR. I have 2.5.2.

Everything works as it should on the original computer. Any ideas?

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Hmmm... "automation error" typically means that something is required but isn't installed, or can't be accessed, or something like that. When saving a sequence, we use a Microsoft thing called "MSXML". Perhaps that's not installed.

Specifically, we use MSXML 4. You can download the MSXML 4 installer from the following page on Microsoft's website:


I would suggest downloading that installer, then closing all of your running programs, especially LOR programs, and trying to install it.

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I did a google on this error. I worked through a couple of false leads, but this very simple response seemed to fix it--just in case someone else hits the same snag.

[i]Can you try using the following command from 'Run'

regsvr32 scrrun.dll


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