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evana wrote:

Dan, Is there a back order on in state orders? or is it just overseas?

Most US orders are shipping within 2 business days. There is a backlog on Color Ribbon orders as we are still trying to catch up on those. ServoDog orders are also backlogged but we should be caught on on them within a few days.
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The originator of this thread asked that it be deleted. His original post was because he was concerned. He is a repeat customer from outside the US. He ordered recently order but then after a few days had not heard from LOR (other than the automated reply).

Rahter than delete the thread completely I left the information about delays.

I also want to thank the person who PMed me to let me know about this thread. Unfortunately, I do not have as much time as I would like reviewing posts. If someone wants to get my attention, a PM or an email do dan@lightorama.com gets my attention quickest.

From a customer service perspective, our turn around time gets a little slower as the Christmas season approaches. We do bring in part time help but just as you see in busy stores, the lines can get a little longer. Being a highly seasonal business just makes it worse!

However it would go a long way if we at least sent the customer a "heads up" email, other than the system generated one, when their order is going to take longer than a day or two to process.


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