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S2 Version 2.5.2 Released


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Version 2.5.2 has been released. The main changes are:

  • The LOR Control Panel's status window now displays a log of what's going on with your show - for example, listing sequences that stop and start, and errors that occur.
  • A new program, the LOR ServoDog Utility, has been added. It can be used to configure ServoDog controllers.
  • The Hardware Utility has been updated to support configuration of Cosmic Color Ribbon controllers.
  • Circuit IDs for an LOR controller can now range from 1 to 256 (rather than the previous 1 to 16). Please note that at the moment, the only hardware that currently takes advantage of this new feature is the Cosmic Color Ribbon.
  • Several bug fixes.

For details on these changes, please refer to the help file's "What's New" page, which you can see online at:


You can get the installer for the new version from the software download page:


If that page says a version number other than 2.5.2, please try hitting your browser's "refresh" button.

Please Note:

If you upgrade to this from an earlier release, it might ask you to activate your license again. This will not use up one of your license seats.

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