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2009 Halloween Display


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2nd attempt at seqencing and display (first was July 4th). This is is the display case of our Fabric Store (40 feet long by 7 feet hight and 5 feet deep). Pumpkin is 4 feet high, video projection is 25" diaganally. Still learning and loving it. Show runs 2 1/2 hours a night until Halloween. Also my first attempt at Crank Ghost (so why not two). Both run off a single power supply and use windshield wiper motors for drive. 3 dual tube 40 watt floresent lights. 11 different sequences (5 are video based from Halloween Scarols). 32 channels and adding an additional 16 for Christmas.

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this is in south Georgia (Valdosta). changing the length of the line from the ghost to the fulcrum affected not only the vertical rise but the side to side and front to back motion (coupled with the difference between the position of the arms and the head pullys overhead).

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