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What do you use to do mouth animations.

David Barnett

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hey folks, workn on last halloween seq....yeah.

Doing, "O Fortuna". Have the beat established for when the mouth is OPEN.

To a certain extint, when it's CLOSED as well.

What do you use to give a fairly good rendition of a singing mouth.

Do you do a fade after mouth open to close. Just trying to get some ideas on how best to accomplish.

I know I could just use the mouth OPEN channel and turn ON/OFF. Wanted to try and get something a little better looking to the voices.

any ideas and or procedures greatly appreciated. Meantime, will keep plugging away, and check back later.



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It might depend on how you designed the mouth. I tried a couple of different types for the 6 foot pumpkin I have in my display. I initially designed 5 channels (outline and nose, each eye, open and closed mouth). modifed it so the closed mouth was on the same channel as the outline (since it would always be on) and made the open mouth use part of the outline for the closed mouth and added the additional lights (much less programming), I used On and off only. (later combined the eyes with the ouline to save channels as I added other items to the display and needed the extra channels (getting more controllers, like so many before me).

Just one option.

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I used a combination of on/offs and fades depending on the words. Sometimes on/offs seemed to choppy to me.

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