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Multi colored Lights in visualizer?


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Ok so im working on my 2009 sequences now that I learned im likely not going to be travelling for work constantly like the rest of the year was....

I am running some multicolored C-9s around the house but cant find a way to depict multi colored lights in the visualizer....

also is there a way other than to redraw every light to have multiple colors in the same spot on the house in different channels? like my house is outlined in red / green / blue and I had to draw red then green then blue in slightly different spots on the screen... is that the best way to handle it?

also wish there was a way to show a "wash" in it... like when you use floods to light up the house.. would be neat if you could draw a cone shape and have it be translucent like a flood would be.. the cone being the pattern the flood shines on the house....

I also couldnt find a way to set light types.. so all my lights, C-9 and mini are same size on the vis....


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