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Quick and easy wireframe pumpkin


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Thought I would post this in an attempt to somewhat payback for all of the knowledge I have gleaned from this forum.

Quicky Halloween Pumpkin.

Step one: Using 12 guage black wire, make a hoop by wrapping the wire one time around a 11.5 inch Styrofoam wreath form (Hobby Lobby) and taping the ends together with electrical tape.

Step two: Repeat step one again, and also make two hoops with two wraps of wire.(for more stability) You should now have two single hoops and two double hoops.

Step three: Assemble the hoops together, one inside the other, and join with wire ties to make a sphere. It works best if you take the two doubles to start and put them perpendicular to each other, the follow with the singles at angles, to make the "ridges" on the pumkin. Also, wire tie each hoop individually, it makes is easier to keep in place.

Step four: Take 70 count orange mini lites and beginning at a cross point, plug end first (this will become the "bottom") begin to attach to frame with black wire ties (my first one I did in white ties and it really looks crappy in the daylight) Work around all the way around the frame until the frame is filled. You will have a short bit of lite string left.

Step five: To hold them up off the ground a bit, I found wire sign holders at Home Depot ($1.99 each, over by the driveway markers) that are basically a single stake with two wire loops on it, which are strong enough to use as a stake. Attach the top of the pumpkin to the top loop with wire ties and steady the bottom against the stake part with another. Wrap the remainder of the lites around the stake that is "inside" the pumpkin and secure the to the top with a tie.

Thats it, youre done. I will try to post a pic or two when I get back home.

A quick note though, as you are putting these together, you will undoubtedly think that they will not turn out. Keep the faith, once they are put together, the beauty of using the 12 gauge wire will become apparent as you bend, tweak and adjust till they are just the way you want it. I also havent come up with a good "stalk" idea for the top.

Also am thinking of a slightly smaller version for xmas to use as "ornaments" for the outside trees..might just have to get an additional controller...Hmmmmmm

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