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Hi all,

Been off of this forum for most of the summer -- hello again :)

I'm hoping to use some very basic video effects this year, and was hoping someone could either point me to a thread/page that talks about the caveats, or just start posting them here in this thread.

I'm hoping to use a laptop with an external VGA port to feed the projector. Since my Worlds Crappiest Projector only has composite video in, I'll also need a VGA->composite adapter.

Someone once told me that LOR works best with video when you use a specific video card. I'm hoping to avoid that, and just use the laptop. So if there are any pitfalls in this, I'd like to hear them sooner than later... :)

And yeah, I'm running way behind ;)

Thanks in advance!

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Just in case anyone else wonders, now or in the future, I also asked this on PC and got some very helpful pointers. Here's the thread:


Video is pretty straightforward in S2 -- I had expected it to be much harder.

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