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New timing grid not saving.

David Barnett

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Ok, folks. Did a search didn't see this mentioned. Running 2.4.8 LOR.

Working on seq., needed freeform grid..created,used tapper wiz to layout the beats..worked great. Also have a fixed grid called Main Beat. When I switch back to the main beat timing on drop down, the freeform I created is not on the drop down anymore. I saved the file after laying out beats on freeform.

So, did I miss something. The freeform is just for that instance?

One other question on this subject. after I have created a section of beats in freeform, I do see them in the fixed grid. The beats don't fall exactly within that timing..hence the freeform.

However, to make things work quickly, I selected the section that repeats, and then selected paste multiple...to end of song.

Things look messed up on the timings now. Should i have use paste by timing instead of cell in this case...still learning.

Thanks for any assitance, you folks have been great and very patient.:D



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I'm not sure I'm following exactly what you did, but here's a guess:

If a freeform timing grid contains no timings, and is not in use by any track, it is automatically removed from the sequence. This is by design, though we're thinking of changing it.

So if, when you used the Tapper Wizard, you didn't check the "Insert a timing into the timing grid" box (instead just checking the "Insert effects into a channel" box), then the freeform timing grid would have no timings. Next time you switched to the other timing grid, the freeform grid wouldn't be in use by any track. Since it had no timings and wasn't in use, it was removed from the sequence.

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Hey Bob. That is exactly the situation. I understand now what is going on with the freeform. Good thing, it did have my effects on the main fixed so no harm done. Just got educated some more.

Thank You.


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Well, a little additional clarification:

Good thing, it did have my effects on the main fixed so no harm done.

Timing grids don't contain effects, so you won't ever lose any effects by getting rid of a timing grid.

To see what I mean, try this:

Start up a new animation sequence, with a fixed grid of half a second. Turn on some cells.

Now click the "Timings" button, and select "Add New Fixed Grid". Specify the time between timings as 0.37.

Select the new 0.37 second grid from the timings dropdown.

You'll see that the effects are still there, even though they don't line up with the timings in the currently displayed grid.

You can go back and forth between the two timing grids as much as you want, and it won't affect the effects at all.

You can even delete the 0.50 second grid, and the effects will remain exactly as you created them.
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