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WTB: 100ct LED Warm White Crystal C6 Lights


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I am new to LOR this year and planning my first mega-tree. I have some C6 LEDs I want to use for it, but am 3 strings short of what I need. I bought them at Sam's Club last year (2008), and they changed them to a different style this year. I am looking to buy at least 3-5 strings of the following:

100ct LED Warm White Crystal C6 Lights
Distibuted by SAM'S West, Inc (i.e. Sam's Club)
Manufactured for Everstar Merchandise (USA) Co. Ltd.

These bulbs when lit have a yellow tint that makes them match the traditional mini incandescent white bulbs. This year's new version at Sam's though listed as warm white, are more like cool white (very bright true white without the blue tint) and are now 80ct and are now have animated functions (and also labeled as Member's Mark). I need the old version that is more yellow/warm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Pic of box is below.

Attached files 181225=10313-LED warm white c6 front.jpg

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