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Trigger sequience will not play again if button is pressed to soon.


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I have a sequence with 3 channels (for testing) and channel 1 and 2 are part of a sequence that is playing in the background. Channel 3 is the channel that the button effects.

I can press the button and wait for the 2 second interactive sequence to end, and then press it again the interactive sequence will play. Thats fine.

My problem is if I press the button in the middle of the interactive sequence nothing happens... fine, but I press it again after it has ended, now It wont play.

It wont play again until the background sequence restarts...

This happens with both Jukebox and Soundboard

I have a feeling this requires a video to explain better.

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If you "had to", you could use a channel as an anti repeat. Turn it on and drive a relay with a contact that opens until the interactive sequence ends. Then wire your push button to this contact then to the Input on the LOR card. This way the relay disrupts any input until the sequence is done.

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