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Pasting sequences into different timings


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Let's say I create a sequence that has the color red rotating around a mega tree. Let's also say that a full rotation is 16 channels and each channel is on for 1 second. So, the total time for that particular rotation of red is 16 seconds.

Is there a way to copy that entire 16 second sequence and paste it into a different time frame. In other words, can I copy the 16 second sequence into, say, an 8 second time frame with each channel shrinking automatically from 1 second to 1/2 second, without having to manually do it by hand.

I hope I'm asking this properly.

I just want to be able to create a standard "event" like a leaping arch or a rotation of a tree, and be able to paste that standard "event" into ANY time frame and have the time of each channel adjust accordingly to the new time frame.



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Hi Bob,

Maybe what you should do is create an animation sequence for the mega tree (it works for any element of your display) and then copy your patterns into that sequence. That way when you want a particular effect you can just copy it from the animation sequence and paste it into the musical sequence you're working on. If nothing else, this saves you the time of re-creating patterns, especially complex ones, the next time you want to use it.

Using your example, if you have a 16-segment pattern, such as once around the mega tree, if you originally create the pattern with no spacing between when each segment turns on/off, then whatever musical sequence you paste that pattern into it into it will occupy 16 contiguous cells regardless of how long or short each individual cell is in the musical sequence. That's if you use edit > set paste mode > paste by cell.

If you use edit > set paste mode > paste by time, then what you paste will occupy the same amount of time, beginning at the point you paste it, as where it was copied from.

I hope that answered what you asked.

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