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Mega, Mega tree


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Does anybody know about the Mega Tree in the Harbor in St John, New Brunswick, Canada? Just returned from a cruise there, and my wife, yes my wife, discovered this tree over the top of another boat. Thing looked huge...We were a good 200 yds away, and you could see it with no problem over another vessel. Pulled out the zoom, and took some shots

Look close, the topper looks huge, and the base is held together with jersey barriers.

Also, noticed the size of the Michigan Front end loader at the bottom left :shock::shock::shock:

Attached files 179857=10230-DSCF6796 - Copy.JPG

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It looks like a regular light pole and the barriers are there to keep people from driving through the lights.

If that thing is animated, it would be pretty sweet!!!

Hopefully somebody knows more about it!

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