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Hey folks need some sequencing clarification please.

David Barnett

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Ok, first I think I have read the threads pertaining to my questions. But still a little unclear on some things.

1. I have a sequence for halloween theme. I'm going to add a portion of toccata in front of that. I'll use Audacity to create the music file merge.

Is it best to get my toccata sequence done, then add the halloween.

What I mean is, I was going to create my toccata sequence...right in the music were halloween kicks in; I would note the time on the bar.

Then would it be possible to copy and paste the halloween sequnce into the toccata sequence at that point. So I'm just adding my already done halloween sequence to the end of my new toccata sequence.

would you use the free form grid thing. Or from the point you want Halloween to start, copy the timings first then events?

I know I could make 2 seperate sequences, but for what I have in mind for a hopefully wow factor..I need to try and do it this way if possible.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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If you are starting fresh, I would use audacity to make the audio file, first, and then sequence everything against that.

If you already have the Halloween sequence done, you only need a timing mark at the point in the combined file where the Halloween sequence is supposed to start, then copy from Halloween, and paste into Toccata, making sure paste by time is selected.

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Thanks KLB. Yep that is pretty much what I did. Cept since both seq. are .05; I jsut pasted by cell. Testing on HLD 4 ....it's seems to be OK so far.

Now for the hard part for me....getting the toccata eq. done.:)

Gotta love continuing education.



PS I live in the Colleyville area, would love to hook up sometime and talk about decorating. If you have the time sometime.

Feel free to leave a PM.

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