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adding more channels to a sequence


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looking for help! all my halloween sequences are 16 channel. i want to add 16 more channels to each of them. 1st question is how do i add more channels? next once that is done i want the new 16 channels to do the same as the first 16. channel 1 on controller 1 and channel 1 on controller 2 to work together and so forth down the line for the rest of the channels. will the unit #s be the same or is controller 1 unit 1 and controller 2 unit 2? can anyone help me do this? thank you in advance if its to hard to describe here please e-mail me with directions on how to do it. my email is tiggersman33@yahoo.com again thanks in advance

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Chris -- you have a bunch of things going on and what you are doing is very common as most if not all of us go through adding channels to our existing sequences.

First -- if you want the new channels to do exactly what the existing channels do -- why do you need a new controller? Can't you just plug the additional lights or whatever into the existing channel outlets? Or, are you running into power limitations in your first controller. Or, are you trying to control lights at some distance from your first controller where it is cheaper to buy a new controller than run extension cords?

Second -- it is very easy to add channels to an existing sequence. Just right click on the channel name in the left hand column of the sequence editor and a menu will appear. Several of the choices allow you to add, delete, and move channels around. Once you add the channel you can then map it to a controller number and channel number. (Since you only have 16 channels this should work well. As you get more channels the process gets a bit cumbersome. Several people have worked up good procedures. Search on "Doubling channel count" if you need more advanced approaches.)

Third -- if you want to copy sequencing from an existing channel to one of these new channels just highlight it with your mouse and copy/paste using the Edit capabilities.

Hope this helps.


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